AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe being installed under the new treatment facility. Photo provided by Tetra Tech, Inc.

AMERICAN Pipelines Serve New Water Treatment Facility in Alabama

Established in 1823, Huntsville Waterworks was the first municipal water system in Alabama. At the time, the population in the area was only about 1,300 people. Today, the population is estimated at more than 190,000, and Huntsville has been the fastest growing major city in Alabama the past 15 years.

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Awards and Achievements

Paul Freund, AMERICAN Steel Pipe, Penn State University
Freund Named AMERICAN Steel Pipe Assistant Sales Manager

AMERICAN Steel Pipe recently named Paul F. Freund as assistant division sales manager. Freund joined AMERICAN in 2002 as a sales engineer in the Ductile Iron Pipe Division. He later worked in Orlando

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