One of Nation’s Largest Water Utilities Moving to Zinc-Coated, V-Bio Wrapped Ductile Iron Pipe

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Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) recently updated its specifications so that all ductile iron pipe installed in its system is zinc-coated and uses V-Bio enhanced polyethylene encasement. The zinc coating system is a proven, life extending product for iron pipe that recently became available in domestic markets. Zinc has been used internationally to extend the life of iron pipe for many years. V-Bio enhanced polyethylene encasement provides additional protection for pipe in aggressive soils.

According to a press release from WSSC, by switching to zinc-coated, V-Bio encased ductile iron pipe, the utility expects to put that pipe in the ground and not come back to replace it for 100 years or more. Read the full release here.

“This is a tremendous advancement in cost control, sustainability and resilience for the leading water provider in the mid-Atlantic region and an example for others across the country,” said Maury D. Gaston, Marketing Services manager with AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and 34-year iron industry veteran. “We’ve seen the benefits of this advanced pipe technology used in a variety of environments around the world. Zinc-coated ductile iron pipe will ensure WSSC customers continue to have reliable and dependable water infrastructure for years to come.”

In addition to its long service life, ductile iron pipe with a cement-mortar lining inside is known for its sustainability. Iron pipe is made from recycled iron and steel; requires less energy for pumping, making it less expensive to operate than plastic pipe; and is the only pressure pipe to be SMaRT certified by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability.

AMERICAN, founded in 1905, is a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry and electric-resistance steel pipe for the oil and natural gas industries. AMERICAN’s diversified product line also includes static castings and high-performance fire pumps.